Sunday, February 8, 2015

#Kabuki Love

#Kabuki Love 

You say You want to breed_
You want to put Your seed_
in me
You want to get me face down_
just dont want another Mr._
 Fake it

my brown skin spoiled for Your_
my heart beats a rhythm to Your_
my essence is in synch with Your_
my love gps is linked to Your_

You can read my body's _
You produce the scenes in my_
You command my loyalty and _
You wish i'd move to Your_

the only gift You want is to_
i am the award You want to_
my belly burns for Your blue_
my skin tied in Your knotted _

Winter ' 15

Naked Blues Surrender

Naked Blues Surrender

Anxiety of love's coming surrender
thoughts of past relationship blues
where pain and bruises were rendered
emotional roller coaster of pursuits
dark alley lies of pure devotion
tortured links become chains for a fool
on knees of obedience and meditation
riding tsunami waves of dark intonation
i closed the revolving door of need
hiding desperation's face behind a mask
shielding my body in your evil deeds
and the unfilled promises do ask
naked brown ornamented rope design
your finger prints now a ruby necklace
my skin delivered and now again mine
owned random futile thoughts in place
memories, sweet ballads of release
sonnets of naked blues in sad refrain
the body has found a temple of peace
the mind and soul a requiem of pain

Winter '15

Monday, July 28, 2014

Play Date

a play date for Uus
Your serious eyes
i know You just 
want this prize
trying to find a way
to make me play?
suckin on my neck
while i try to deflect
rubbin on my belly
tryin to get me ready
hot lips on my shoulder
making me bolder
damn..Your hands on my collar
hot breath on my ear
i need to holler
You Ssh... nothing to fear
using all Your senses
those commands You speak
to break my defenses
oh shit!
im so damn weak
and..delicious thoughts
im having about You
about rope, around me
one, two maybe three?
lets do a scene
You can tie me high
beautiful knots down low
squeezing my pie
i think You know
Wwe have a code
You know the rule
i bring the fire
You own the fuel
Your voice makes me melt
and whats that scent?
is that your finger i just felt?
please...WTF? i just heard
my pussy what? 
take me...
damn the safe word!
ive loss all control
i should explain 
a play date with You 
is delicious pain



Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Paradise

There will be no time to think of her, when you're here with me
You been frontin on this n that, what you gonna do for me
sayin "I know where its at, and you know i can set it free"

I got your passport, and your visa to my paradise
no baggage to claim
no more of her pain
but you need to decide
i wanna make you soar higher than any star in the night
come through my door
gonna make you beg for more
cuz im gonna be your flight

i know youre confused, you dont know what to do
you say "I'm a fool", and you're being abused
but i'm simply not amused, at your vague atitude

You need to meet me at the gate, check in boy 
dont make me wait! you have to make a move, 
not going to be your toy,im just gettin into a groove

I got your passport, and your visa to my paradise
no baggage claim
no more of her pain
but you need to decide
i wanna make you soar higher than any star in the night
come through my door
gonna make you beg for more
cuz im gonna be your flight

Odd Summer

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Passion Play

She is wondering if he also likes her smile_adores her way..for then he jus may stay_for awhile
if he likes the warmth of her arms around his neck_ her teeth peckin his lip_ the soft rock of her hip
He seems so divine_ when she tastes the wine_ of his skin. she thinks its a sin_ let the play begin
her tongue finds his navel _ following his angular lines_ to the secret to unravel_ the magic to find
she abandons her thinking _ enjoying the feast_ not having an inkling she possessed such a beast
he abandons all pride_ hearing him cry ..thinking my my my_ she goes for the ride
as he opens the door, she is the first one spent- the first one bent and wanting more
he whispers in her ear of his explosion to come_ she begs to be released_ to be his filled one

Now as his salty sweat_ finds her face. vibrating hips and belly wet  both now in a grinding race
with the finish near and in her sight_ she suppresses the fear_ of whats wrong..whats right
his mountain crested, his earth quaked_ her passion bested__why did she fake?

July 2013

Sunday, October 14, 2012


lips trembling _ veiled heart
channeling  my future
i want_ will part
altho my soul _enraptured

wont be your secret wifey
sleepin alone _ you frontin
we down _ but im sugah free
leavin my thirst_ wantin

trapped in your afflictions
unleashin my_fear
 no longer addicted
my mind _crystal clear

tryin to maintain_pretend
im fine_ its a good situation
inside my mind_we end
you_are infatuation

your on notice now
mind on a mission
 my spirit wont allow
 the flesh_ submission

trapped in your afflictions
unleashin my_fear
no longer addicted
my mind _crystal clear

taking off the chains
removing that sex bind
and whatever remains
will be impossible to find

Fall 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

And We Die...

Revolution is led by the young
the battle of oppression is near.
Freedom bells have rung
we've suppressed our fear.

and we die...
as you observe and meet
and they die...
while you drag your feet

The world watches our blood
as it flows through the streets.
Politicians clean their hands
with our defeat.

and we die...
while you negotiate peace
and they die...
by the hands of our own police

This suffrage for toleration
has come too far to unwind.
Seems like a no win situation
unless you emancipate your mind.

and we die...
while you sit and debate
and they die...
watching their women raped

The struggle against tyranny will continue 
until our dreams are realized.
My town, your village, whatever the venue
our liberation musn't be compromised.

and we die...
to be honored by the freed
and we've died
martyrs, our last breath singing nasheed